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Human health is determined by two types of factors, inheritable factor and environmental factor. The inheritable factor varies in personal genome, measured by genomics. The environmental factor varies in the personal microbiota, measured by metagenomics. Personal microbiota is the interface between human body and environment. In other words, most environmental factors must interfere human body via one’s symbiotic microbiota, a mix of thousands of symbiotic microbes consisting of mostly prokaryotes along with some unicellular eukaryotes inhabiting skin and mucosae.

In a human body, subject and energy balance is constantly regulated by millions of functional genes provided by symbiotic microbiota, which hosts far more diversity than personal genome itself. In terms of present science, personal microbiota is considered as the second personal genome. Microbiota correlates with numerous chronicle systematic diseases including obesity, T2D, liver cirrhosis, IBDs, mood disorders and autoimmune conditions.

Personal microbiota has a unique dynamic equilibrium which balances instantaneity and predictivity in medical applications:

- In the short term, unlike personal genome, personal microbiota reflects one’s current health status;

- In the long term, it indicates health risks better than personal genome does.

About QuantiHealth

QuantiHealth was founded in April 2014 and is a leading biotech company in China focusing on personal microbiota industry. It provides personal microbiota testing service to its business customers along with a set of specifically designed tools including samplers, lab kits, quantification devices and analytic systems.

QuantiHealth has been focused on developing technologies in both biotech and informatics exclusively for personal microbiota industry, including LinEnrich and Knowledgebase.


QuantiHealth is sincerely seeking cooperation with distributors and health care management services providers; you and your business is highly important to QuantiHealth. Based on your request, we can provide customized personal microbiota testing services.

Please feel free to contact us at coop@quantibio.com.


QuantiHealth is committed on studying the correlation between human symbiotic microorganism and health. QuantiHealth is more than welcome to cooperate with high level scientific research institutions and commercial entities, and together share professional knowledge and resources.

Please feel free to contact us at sci@quantibio.com.